Donté Colley’s emoji dance videos are exactly what the Internet needs right now

Over the past few weeks, Donté Colley’s motivational Instagram videos, featuring emphatic dance moves perfectly timed to emoji flashes, have captured the attention of Jennifer Garner, Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones and Megan Mullally. Colley, a 21-year-old Guelph-Humber student and content creator, accompanies each dance session with words of encouragement to offset all of the horrible opinions and depressing Reddit threads floating around on the Internet. He’s been featured in articles on Good Morning America’s blog, Buzzfeed, ABC News and he was even flown to Los Angeles to film a segment for Busy Philipp’s talk show, Busy Tonight, where he performed a live motivational dance for the audience, emojis and all. Despite his new Internet fame, he says he just wants to keep making the web a brighter place. Here, we round up some of Colley’s most uplifting posts to get you through your week.

This New Years video, set to Wii theme music, was Colley’s first viral video:

Here’s a Beyoncé-inspired horoscope video, with moves worthy of Queen B herself:

Any Miley fans in the house?

This one is set to the Law and Order theme song. Colley has also created videos to theme music from That’s So Raven and Sailor Moon:

Leslie Jones shared this one. (And included “#lovethisdude” in her post.):

A few days after his NYE dance video went viral, Colley hit 100,000 followers on Instagram and reposted one of his first videos to show how far he’s come:

Last summer, Nicki Minaj became a meme when she compared herself to Harriet Tubman during an episode of Queen Radio. Colley used an audio clip from the show to create his shortest video to date:


This one has lots of hearts, in case you weren’t feeling the love yet:


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