Chatting up Being Erica hunk Tyron Leitso at the Celebrate Ontario party

Chatting up Being Erica hunk Tyron Leitso at the Celebrate Ontario party

What a coif! Being Erica star Tyron Leitso

With politicians talking tax credits, Celebrate Ontario was hardly the average stiletto-studded TIFF affair. Hazelton Lanes’ Manyata Courtyard Café was flooded with yours-to-discover devotees feting the festival’s eight Ontario titles. Alongside pinstriped suits and the occasional popped collar pink polo, casual arty types like Sook-Yin Lee (see coverage of her directorial debut, Year of the Carnivore, here), rocked low ponies and denim jackets. Are we still in Yorkville, Toto?

We weren’t lost long. Young and the Restless lass Tonya Lee Williams was cruising the locavore circuit with The Border’s brooding James McGowan. She’s toned down her typical four-film-a-day frenzy: “I’m old now!”

In the Spice Room VIP lounge (where the real food and booze were served) we asked documentry filmmaker Brigitte Berman what it was like to picture the iconic lady-killer in Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel. While she never got fresh with the philanderer, she confessed: “I find it quite delicious that it’s a woman he let make this film. I could have lynched him.” Tomato-tossing feminists will get their shot at Hef when he rolls in for a little post-film T&A, we mean Q&A, today.

Just when we were ready to cash in our Cancon chips, the soiree dealt us a swoon-worthy northern star: Being Erica’s hunky leading man, Tyron Leitso. We managed to stop staring at his sculpted locks long enough to ask what it’s like to star in the only cool CBC show.

TIFF.TO: What’s the best part about filming in Toronto?
LEITSO: “You know that Coors commercial that says the beer is colder than Torontonians? Well, it’s good that Torontonians can take the piss out of themselves.”

TIFF.TO: What’s the best star stalking you’ve ever had?
LEITSO: “This woman said, ‘I know who you are because I read lips and you have great lips.’ Usually, it’s like, ‘hottie.’ Oh, snooze”

TIFF.TO: What’s it like to have perfect hair?
LEITSO: “What do you mean? They always make fun of it on the show! I’ll chalk it up to genetics.”

Vidal Sassoon must be in the family.