CBC execs head to L.A. to poach Canadian writers

CBC execs head to L.A. to poach Canadian writers

Catch that rascally writer (Image: Steve Jurvetson)

Much like a man trying to woo back a girlfriend who left him for a hunky rich guy, the CBC is going to Los Angeles this week to try to win back Canadian writers who left the true north for the greener Hollywood hills.

Despite such hits as Being Erica, Death Comes to Town, The Tudors and Dragons’ Den, the network’s executive director of network programming tells the Toronto Star that they’re looking for pitches that are “a little more experimental or a little more interesting.” The catch is that the Ceeb wants only ideas from Canadian writers, directors and producers.

The scouting trip is expected to be successful, since much of the CBC’s original programming is well-received internationally, which will make Canada seem much sexier to writers than it has previously. Well, anywhere would be better than NBC or the other big networks dominated by reality programming. We’re sure there are many expat writers and producers dying to work on a show where people don’t get voted off islands, or out of camps or houses. Still, the CBC should also look at New York City, home of such Emmy-worthy shows as Bitch Hunter and MILF Island.

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