Canada’s Got Talent, episode 22: and the winner is…

Canada’s Got Talent, episode 22: and the winner is…

Canada’s Got Talent, Episode 22

It’s the finale of Canada’s Got Talent we’ve been waiting for—someone is going to win it all. Even though the judges reveal the fate of the competitors at a leisurely pace, the results only take a few minutes, which is why this final hour-long episode of Canada’s Got Talent has plenty of filler. First up is an interview between host Dina Pugliese and Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick character, which is funnier than we thought it would be. Glick suggests Pugliese (silent “g,” like lasagna, she says) change her last name to Jackson, and then says Short looks like a basset hound who’s depressed (meta!). He even gets a dig in at Stephan Moccio’s scarves (one of at least four that evening), joking, “I love that affectation.” There’s also a requisite sentimental clip montage featuring the highs and lows of the season (including judge Measha Brueggergosman’s hairdos), a zany blooper reel and performances by Hedley and Jackie Evancho. And we’ve got to give the producers credit: unlike in some American reality shows, the sponsorship by Tim Hortons, Nissan and Excel didn’t seem too in-your-face (um, except for maybe the Tim Hortons “Block Party” and the Excel “Refresh Lounge”).

Unlike in past results shows, the judges have absolutely no say in who the winner will be—contestants are ranked solely on Canada’s votes. Three groups of four are sent up to the stage, with one winner in each group moving to the top three. Broken Dance, Ivan Daigle, Aygul Memet and Angry Candy hit the stage first, and our gut tells us that Angry Candy will move forward due to their large and passionate fan base on the East Coast. And we’re right—they’re the first to move to the top three. Next up are Mathew “the Emsee” Cathcart, beat boxers Scott Jackson and KRNFX and Freshh. Again, it seems obvious to us that Freshh will move to the next round because of their huge fan base, and we’re right again. The final grouping of Shale Wagman, Emilio Fina, Julie Lafontaine and Sagkeeng’s Finest provides the most shocking outcome of the evening. Our instincts keep telling us that the winner will be either Lafontaine on talent or Wagman on cuteness and talent (seriously, look at this), but Sagkeeng’s Finest gets Canada’s approval and moves on to the top three. With the top three in place, our hope is for Angry Candy to take top honours, but Canada votes for Sagkeeng’s Finest (still a good choice—let’s face it, they all made it to the finals because they’re awesome).

That’s it for this season of Canada’s Got Talent, but how do you feel about the outcome?

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