Being Erica recap, episode 5: wherein Erica appears shirtless and Dr. Tom gets some action

Being Erica recap, episode 5: wherein Erica appears shirtless and Dr. Tom gets some action


Dr. Naadiah is concerned about Dr. Tom’s lack of a social life again. To demonstrate how pathetic he is, she brings him to her home to show off her beautiful wife, children and many, many friends. Where are your friends, wife and kids, Dr. Tom? Not surprisingly, Dr. Tom decides it’s time to call Amanda, his well-endowed blast from the past who showed up in episode four. But Amanda isn’t the only blast from the past we’re dealing with because crooner Kai Booker is back from the future (again).

Taking risks and asking the tough questions is the name of the game in episode five, and we get our first hint of drama when Erica prances around her apartment in her bra—she’s trying to prove to Adam that he should give her ex-flame Kai a chance (she just happens to be shirtless). And give him a chance he does (surprise): the three go for a drink at Goblins and Adam admits that he does like Kai, but that like most human beings, the idea of hanging around with a partner’s ex (who clearly still has feelings for you, Erica), isn’t his idea of a great time (seriously, how is someone so dense supposed to guide other human beings on a pathway to clarity?). Erica, in true Erica fashion, is both aghast and perplexed, but Adam throws down the gauntlet: I don’t want you to see him anymore. Gasp! Knitted brow! Stern countenance!

Dr. Tom is sent back to his very own engagement party in the ‘70s, complete with feathered hair and a choreographed version of The Hustle, which further confirms suspicions that Being Erica is slowly transforming into a song and dance show (we’ll refer you back to episode four’s Katy Perry nonsense). We discover that Amanda was once Dr. Tom’s fiancée, but that she left him for a friend shortly before the wedding, or, at least that’s what Dr. Tom thought (nothing is ever what it seems—he of all esteemed time traveling doctors should know that). The truth is revealed as we watch Dr. Tom place work over love and push Amanda away, breaking both of their hearts. Turns out that Dr. Tom has a few mommy issues: “I don’t want to be left again,” he says crying, but current day Amanda, in her kind and gentle way, wants Dr. Tom to let her in, in more ways than one (nudge).

“Take a risk,” Erica says in voice over as Dr. Tom and Amanda saunter off to the bedroom, “and see what comes.” See what comes? Come on, now.