Being Erica recap, episode 7: wherein Erica is a moth to a King Street bro flame, and Ethan returns

Being Erica recap, episode 7: wherein Erica is a moth to a King Street bro flame, and Ethan returns


After last week’s not-so-abrupt dumping from Adam (painfully obvious as soon as Kai came back in the picture), we find Erica single and ready to mingle, which manifests itself in a dream (with sexy results) wherein she finds herself in bed with Adam, Kai and ex-lover Ethan. What a novel way to reintroduce the audience to Erica’s obvious patient of the week (hey, Ethan). When Erica runs into Ethan biking along Queen Street in an NPR shirt, the pair decide to reacquaint themselves over lunch at Fresh. Do present-day sexy results transpire? Find out.

Ethan finds himself lovelorn yet again when his new girlfriend finds his decision not to quit his job and sell his apartment to move to Ethiopia for a year (she works for Oxfam, you see) simply too fuddy-duddy for her tastes. Dr. Tom sends Erica to the mid-to-late ’90s, where she has some hippie dude crawling all over her—her protests are met with the question “Is your garden in bloom?” and he goes off to practise the art of onanism. Erica meets up with Ethan in the past and asks him to come over for an awkward set-up with one of her equally beige friends, promising they’ll listen to Savage Garden and Busta Rhymes (never let it be said that Erica isn’t a woman of varied tastes). While Scraggly Beard McDrum Circle wants to debauch the group by going to a Take Back the Night March (what else would a dude who wears a “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like” T-shirt want to do?), Erica’s set-up would rather play a rousing game of Pictionary (but not on the roof, that’s too dangerous).

Brownies are brought forth, laced with mushrooms (obviously, he’s a hippie) and the gang listens to Marcy Playground. Ethan is high, so he naturally heads to the roof (the dangerous one), which leads to his bland set-up’s departure. The Ethan-Erica timeline is a bit of a whirlwind: in 1997, post-mushroom chats take place where Ethan reveals that he loves his ex Clair, and back in 2011, Erica and Ethan have opted to go dancing to forget their troubles. Erica, in fine Erica form, presses and prods before Ethan storms out, leaving Erica to dance up on three separate dudes, including one wearing indoor sunglasses and a fedora. Ethan comes to apologize the next morning, and in typical Being Erica fashion, the problems are fixed quickly: “Think about the things you lose. An apartment. A job. What about the woman you’re in love with?” That’s the last we see of Ethan, who presumably is in Ethiopia now (we won’t get into the irrationality of moving to Ethiopia and quitting your job for a year during a recession, but anyway, a happy ending for Ethan).

Finally, Erica isn’t dealing with the breakup as well as Dr. Tom would hope. Instead of time-travelling through regrets, she’s opting for cute cocktail dresses (the men in this Toronto shout “Hey sexy!” at her as she walks down King Street) and dancing up on aforementioned dudes. But Erica will deal with this breakup as she pleases, gosh darnit, and if that means finding a dude who will love her for who she is, so be it. But what’s this? Kai was right next door in Goblin’s, but she missed him? Erica chases him down for a passionate kiss in the middle of the street, because obviously a relationship with a time traveller from the future is bound to work out. She’s so flighty. Just last episode she was time-warping to Ireland with Adam to make him happy. This week, um, this (see above photo).

Being Erica wins and #OhBrothers:

• 50/50 will be publishing Jay Manuel’s new book, The Tattered Rose #Win (but only because somehow Jay Manuel is actually a timely reference)
• Erica’s boring set-up girl thinks drawing a penis is “so inappropriate.” Did she make it through high school without one penis scribbled in the margins of a textbook? #Win (for comedy)
• The 1997 CN Tower is not lit up with LED lights. Kudos to the crew for keeping the time travel legitimate. #Win
• Julianne is really sold on those Tetley Infusions Ray Ray introduced her to last episode. But are they available in a store near us? #OhBrother
• Julianne and Brent have office sex and confess they like each other #OhBrother