Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 10

Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 10

Call us curmudgeons, but even in the realm of the supernatural, we here at the BEBSD appreciate rules of governance. (Like on Today’s Special, Jeff can only come alive with his hat, or in Twilight, vampires never age…no matter what.) Without these rules, anything is possible, and thus, nothing is special. Which brings us to this week’s Being Erica episode, where Erica and Adam met on a non-time-specific desert island to complete a challenge. If you’re wondering when BE decided to borrow from the Survivor play book, you’re not the only one.

Forgive us for pointing out the obvious, but isn’t the entire conceit of the show that characters return to their own pasts (or visit their futures) to right the wrongs of today? Apparently the rules are changing, as—sigh—the show continues to move farther and farther away from the formula that made us love it in the first place.

On the plus side, this week had zero involvement from Ivan and Dave, and the beginning of a highly promising plot line including everyone’s favourite sexually ambiguous lit bitch Brent and a juicy tell-all memoir from an as-yet-unknown celeb (who, based on the “scenes from next week” clips, we suspect is Jay Manuel of Top Model fame. Woot!).

But back to this week’s episode. Erica had to decide between accepting a cushy job at a mega–publishing house or sticking it out with the sinking ship that is 50/50 Publishing. In the end, she opts to carve out her own path by going with the latter (thank you, metaphoric desert island challenge), which seemed a little unwise to us, but hey, we wouldn’t want to get on Julianne’s bad side, either. And speaking of Jules, could we get her a romantic plot line already? A gal can’t survive on gay boob grabs alone.

Can’t wait for next week’s Tyra-approved guest star. Wonder if Erica knows how to smize.