Being Am-Erica! Canada’s favourite TV time traveller is getting an American adaptation, so let’s cast it

Being Am-Erica! Canada’s favourite TV time traveller is getting an American adaptation, so let’s cast it

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster for Being Erica fans (such as ourselves). First, we had to say so long to season three, with no definite plans from the CBC for season four (who knows if we’ll ever get to see who that mysterious glove belongs to). And then we find out that Temple Street Productions, the Toronto company that produces BE, has made a deal with ABC to develop an American Erica. Try saying that 10 times fast.

Word is the Canadian scripts will be adapted by American script doctor Maggie Friedman—she of the amazing Dawson’s Creek and the less amazing Eastwick—and as far as casting goes, the jury is still out on who will play everyone’s favourite time-travelling ginge, Erica Strange. Our picks after the jump.

Rachel McAdams
Because we are nothing if not loyal to homegrown talent, we’re going to start off by suggesting the second hottest thing ever to come out of a London, Ontario, hospital (the first being Ryan Gosling). Would she take it? Probably not, although TV is the new film these days. Kate Winslet has a small-screen show in the works, and given the recent “stop making stupid movies” incident at the border, this could be a lucky loophole. Plus, Rachel has that “who, me?” charm that’s so key to the Erica role—think of her character in Wedding Crashers. She even had red hair then. Are we the only ones who just got goose bumps?

Katie Holmes
Presumably Maggie Friedman feels somewhat indebted to Holmes from their Dawson’s Creek days, and lord knows someone needs to throw this lady a bone. Tom Cruise hasn’t had a hit for a while, and little Suri’s high heels aren’t going to buy themselves. We’re kidding (sort of), but as far as any remaining credibility as an actress goes, Katie could really use a boost. Keep in mind that long before she was robo-bride, she exuded charm and Erica-appropriate quirk as Joey Potter, the girl from the wrong side of the Creek.

Nicole Richie
No, wait—hear us out. Remember all those rumours that the recent newlywed had inked a deal with ABC for her own show? Well that was over a year ago, and still no news on an acceptable script. So, why not cast Richie in the Erica role? We know she’s funny (or at least she’s funnier than Paris Hilton). And with a bona fide fashion plate in the lead role, you can bet Erica’s ’90s-prom-dress-heavy wardrobe would be in for a much-needed make-over.

Sandra Bullock
Why would the world’s most successful actress bother with a TV show? Well, normally we’d say she wouldn’t, but given the husband-from-hell drama Bullock has gone through in the past year, we’re guessing she might fancy a visit to Dr. Tom (presumably played by Keanu Reeves).

Rachelle Lefevre
She’s best known as the Canadian actress who got booted from the Twilight series (apparently due to a scheduling conflict), and we think the lead in her own TV show would be just the thing to send an FU to R-Patz and crew. Plus, she’s got the fiery mane going for her, and some pretty mad stunt skills should American Erica have to fight off a pack of sexy werewolves.

(Images: McAdams, christopheharte; Holmes, Nik Sibley; Richie, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Bullock, Shari; Lefevre, Anthony Citrano)