Battle of the Blades, Season 2, Episode 5: the good, the bad and the snuggly

Battle of the Blades, Season 2, Episode 5: the good, the bad and the snuggly

Last night’s episode of BOTB was more like Battle of the Back-From-the-Deads on two accounts. Number one, it was Halloween, which meant costumes, spooky wordplay and a lot of dry ice. And number two, it was an opportunity for one dismissed duo to win its way back into the competition.

So while the remaining couples took a rest (which hopefully meant quality time for Mr. and Mrs. Candace Cameron Bure), the previously ousted pairs unleashed their inner zombies, vampires and creepy devil characters on the ice. As always, we select who should stay, who should go and who should get it on.

Who should stay: Shae-Lynn and Patrice
What we really mean this week is “who should come back,” and based on the utter awesomeness of this zombie couple’s “Monster Mash” performance (which earned season 2’s first perfect score), there is no doubt in our minds. It ain’t easy to look graceful while mimicking the early stages of rigor mortis, but these two got into character without sacrificing technique.

Who should go: Annabelle and Georges
To be clear, we couldn’t be fonder of BOTB’s gentle giant and his teeny weeny Tinkerbell, but if they stay in the competition another week, we fear Annabelle may end up seriously injured. Once again, the four-foot-nine Olympian found herself in the hospital after getting nicked by her partner’s blade during practice. Not that we’re blaming Georges. We love Georges—especially Georges in black lipstick, red eye shadow and devil horn-hair—but last night’s skate proved once again that the duo’s charisma far outweighs their craft. And not just because—in the words of judge Jeremy Roenick—George has “the biggest butt in figure skating.”

Who should get it on: P.J. and Violetta
Why? Because good Lord that woman is flexible, and someone should be the beneficiary. Kind of an icky thing to discuss, we suppose, given that this week’s episode kicked off with a number of NHLers (P.J. included) dragging their Halloween costume–clad offspring across the ice. But even Sandra Bezic called their routine “sensual,” and we all know that’s skating speak for “sexual,” right?

(All images provided by the CBC.)