3-D TVs coming to Canada, so we can watch gems like My Bloody Valentine

3-D TVs coming to Canada, so we can watch gems like My Bloody Valentine

Best of all, 3-D glasses look cool (Image: Bigchus)

On Wednesday, the first 3-D home entertainment system was sold in Manhattan. Canadians will have to wait, but Samsung plans to bring the technology here by the end of this month. Considering its price tag and the lack of 3-D content, we’re holding out on this one and assume most Canadians will, too.

Five models of 3-D TVs will roll out beginning March 26, ranging from a 40-inch LED TV for $2,500 to a 63-inch plasma for $4,100. And since we’re not talking about holograms, 3-D glasses also have to be purchased separately for $250 a pair. In addition to that, tech geeks need a special Blu-ray player that costs $400, 3-D Blu-ray discs and a new cable. In total, it’s going to cost about $3,500 for two people to watch quality films like My Bloody Valentine at home.

Speaking of films, Best Buy and Future Shop currently offer only two 3-D Blu-ray titles: My Bloody Valentine and coral reef documentary Under the Sea, but a spokesperson for Samsung says that the new TVs could make anything 3-D. But considering what’s on prime time right now—The Marriage Ref, Desperate Housewives and Larry King Live—we’re not sure if this technology should be unleashed to the masses.

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