Oscar night 2012: the Drinking Game

Oscar night 2012: the Drinking Game

The Oscars are this Sunday, which means there are just two more days to stock up on spirits, beer and wine for the big night (finger sandwiches would also be nice—just saying). In an effort to make this evening of self-congratulation a little more bearable, we present Torontolife.com’s 2012 Oscars Drinking Game, complete with various levels of game play. Find out how to get completely tossed—that’s Hollywood, baby—after the jump (as always, please drink responsibly—and drink these).

Drink when:
Billy Crystal reminds you of Richard Simmons
• Someone thanks an invisible superbeing
• Someone mispronounces Jean DuJardin, Bérénice Bejo, Michael Hazanavicius or The Adventures of Tintin
• Someone you’re with comments on how skinny Angelina Jolie’s arms have gotten
• Someone says it’s an honour just to be nominated in the same category as their fellow nominees

Drink when:
• The word “magic” or phrase “Hollywood magic” is used during the best special effects montage
• You’re actually moved by a Best Original Song or if you find yourself missing Randy Newman
• A talking head says a celebrity’s red carpet look is a nod to “Old Hollywood”
• Billy Crystal makes a joke about reality television
• Someone mentions or a camera pans to Uggie the dog

Drink when:
• Someone at the party you’re attending asks, “Where’s Ryan Gosling?” or remarks, “Ryan Gosling showed up!”
• You say to yourself, “He/she was still alive?!” during the “people we lost” montage
• Everyone gives a standing ovation for someone who is either old or has “broken down the boundaries of Hollywood” in some way

Drink when:
• Billy Crystal’s forehead moves
• A Canadian film is honoured by the Academy

(Images: screengrabs from Can’t Hardly Wait, The Big Lebowski, Beerfest and Animal House)