Year in Review: Read all of Toronto Life’s cover stories from the past 12 months

Year in Review: Read all of Toronto Life’s cover stories from the past 12 months

In the past year, Toronto Life rated the city’s best new restaurants, talked to Rob Ford’s inner circle and examined crumbling condo towers. We got the lowdown on bidding wars, ranked the city’s VIPs and, of course, came up with a raft of reasons to love Toronto. Below, the full list of the year’s cover stories, and where to find them online.

January 2012: Where to Get Good Stuff Cheap We all want a little luxury. Even our cheapskate mayor couldn’t resist upgrading his business cards with gold filigree. Of course, luxury is even sweeter when it comes with a bargain price. Here, our annual guide to living the good life for less (cue smug sense of self-satisfaction). Read the entire story »

February 2012: The City’s Best Bars There have never been more great places to drink in this city: private cocktail lounges, destination wine bars, shrines to sports freaks and beer geeks, boozy brunch spots and more. So, we created the ultimate handbook for discerning drinkers. Read the entire story »

March 2012: Something Rotten on Bay Street Roger Martin, the head of Toronto’s most prestigious business school, is preaching a complete overhaul of the corporate world. It’s a seditious idea that might just save the city from financial catastrophe. Read the entire story »

April 2012: Where to Eat Now Our annual ranking of the top new restaurants. Plus: haute sandwiches, the final word on wood-fired pizzas, tacos 2.0, food trucks galore and our verdict on the best and worst dining trends of the year. Read the entire story »

May 2012: The Incredible Shrinking Mayor Loyal councillors betrayed him. His approval rate plummeted. And his powerful Conservative backers are nervous. How did it all go so wrong? The strange story of Rob Ford’s city hall. Read the entire story »

June 2012: Reasons to Love Toronto Now That giddy feeling is back in the air—the euphoria of great expectations—and here are some reasons why: we’ve got a wildly resilient housing market; we started a 21st-century suffragette movement; our philistine mayor is inspiring art; white-linen restaurants are back in vogue; the murder rate is at a 25-year low; and, well, we could go on. In fact, we do, in our fourth annual mash note to the city. Read the entire story »

July 2012: Faulty Towers The rush to build new condos in Toronto has resulted in falling glass, disgruntled buyers and multi-million-dollar lawsuits. Our investigation into who’s to blame. Read the entire story »

August 2012: Best of the City Toronto’s top-rated food, drink, fun and fashion—our indispensable guide to all things excellent. Read the entire story »

September 2012: The Higher They Climb The house hunt has become a blood sport involving bully bids, bribery and a willingness to pay $100,000 over asking. True tales from the real estate trenches. Read the entire story »

October 2012: Best of Fall Our annual preview of blow-your-mind new movies, plays, operas, concerts, art shows, books, restaurants, fashion and more. In other words, a whole season’s worth of fabulous things to see, hear, read, eat and buy. Read the entire story »

November 2012: Becoming Torontonian Affluent, hyper-educated professionals are flocking to Toronto from all over the world. A portrait of the new economic refugees. Read the entire story »

December 2012: The 50 Most Influential Who really controls the city? A ranking of the tycoons, backroom operators and supersize egos who defined Toronto in 2012. Read the entire story »


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