Watch hilarious behind-the-scenes footage of Chris Bosh at a Maxim photo shoot

Watch hilarious behind-the-scenes footage of Chris Bosh at a Maxim photo shoot

That’s right, the Toronto Raptors’ former franchise player did a photo shoot for Maxim. How does an NBA star end up gracing the pages of the tacky men’s magazine better known for less-than-tasteful pictures of sexy babes promoting unpopular television shows ? We don’t know and, frankly, we don’t care. The fact that Maxim rewarded the world with a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot is all that matters. And trust us: this video has everything.

Want to see Chris Bosh in a teal blue golf tee, lounging poolside on a ridiculous red leather chair? It’s here. How about Chris Bosh pretending to eat pieces of pretend fruit with a grin on his face? It’s here, too. Or perhaps Chris Bosh making sexy model faces for the camera? Chris Bosh playfully splashing around in a wading pool? Chris Bosh giving advice on finding the right woman? Oh, it’s all here.

We’ll leave the last word to the good people at Ball Don’t Lie basketball blog, since they unearthed this priceless gem:

This shoot appears to have occurred before the start of the season, and Bosh has some humble words about how the Heat have a long way to go before their champions and basketball players are just regular guys with families. On the other hand, he’s also taking part in a ludicrous photoshoot at a lavish beachfront property while wearing a teal shirt. I don’t know if that makes him arrogant, but it’s certainly not an act of humility.

Seriously, you have to watch this video. It will make you laugh forever.

• Video: Inside Chris Bosh’s ridiculous Maxim photoshoot [Ball Don’t Lie]