Two Canadians still have a shot at #winning Charlie Sheen internship

Two Canadians still have a shot at #winning Charlie Sheen internship

Charlie Sheen poses with a fan (Image: justaufo)

Finding intern postings on-line is nothing new, but this particular opportunity certainly is: Charlie Sheen’s personal social media intern. Two Canadians are still in the running for the position, which Sheen initially announced on Twitter, stressing that the successful candidate would be #winning and have #tigerblood. Of the 82,000 applicants, apparently only 50 have these Sheen-friendly qualities, and among them are Sepy Bazzazi from Vancouver and Phil Pallen, formerly of Belleville.

When Bazzazi got an e-mail from the former Two and a Half Men star he was so nervous he almost couldn’t open it. “I was actually like really anxious and shaking and I didn’t open the e-mail for about 15 minutes. I was sitting there looking at it,” he told the Canadian Press. Finally, Bazzazi says, he worked up the courage and clicked into it. “The first word I read was congratulations, and I started howling.”

Pallen, a 22-year-old who now lives in Florida, where he’s finishing his master’s degree in digital marketing in the entertainment business, says he feels he’s already “winning” after making it this far. Should he or Bazzazi nab the internship, it could launch their careers—or at least their Twitter feeds—into the Sheenosphere.

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