TTC rolls out service cuts, to transit riders’ chagrin

TTC rolls out service cuts, to transit riders’ chagrin

The service cuts the TTC announced earlier this year came into effect across the city on Sunday, meaning many bus routes will be left without night or weekend service. The cuts will leave lots of people, including fans and members of the Toronto Roller Derby—who’ll have to walk to and from Downsview—and other, less politically active riders, coping with a newfound lack of transportation.

The TTC is doing its best to put a positive spin on the decrease in service, touting the $4 million in savings and the fact that a fare hike is no longer necessary, while hinting busier routes may see increased service in September.

According to the CBC:

The TTC board voted in February to reduce service on those routes, despite pleas from commuters who attended community meetings and spoke out against the changes.

But the TTC holds out the promise of a silver lining, saying cuts now could mean extra service added to busier routes in the fall.

“I can’t be specific [about the increased service] because I don’t know right now,” said the TTC’s Brad Ross. “We’re doing that analysis through the summer.”

It’s a good thing Environment Canada is predicting a hot, dry summer. At least then people without bus service can enjoy long walks and bike rides—unless, of course, they’re elderly, ill, disabled or all three. Also, we find it interesting that these cuts are almost certainly going to hurt Rob Ford voters more than they’ll hurt the more subway- and streetcar-reliant Smitherman Nation.

Things will get even more interesting if the mayor gets his wish and Ward 9 is forced into a by-election to unseat Maria Augimeri (who is banging the TTC cuts like a drum, and whose YouTube channel is the home of the video above). As confident as Ford feels about turning Ward 9 into a referendum on his mayoralty so far—he is, after all, at 70 per cent in the polls—people in the area may turn against him when the transit cuts start to bite back.

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