TTC riders allege that drivers can be rude, creepy, kinda sad

TTC riders allege that drivers can be rude, creepy, kinda sad

Driven crazy: TTC riders board the 53E (Image: zmtomako)

Stop the presses: TTC staffers are occasionally rude, cranky and offensive. The Toronto Star has the scoop today, based on hundreds of complaints, most of which were submitted on-line. Some of the highlights include tales of TTC employees refusing to give directions to passengers, being jerks to a person in a wheelchair, and a female bus driver who screams that she abuses passengers because she enjoys it. But the most curious complaint is probably this:

For the past 17 years this particular bus driver has been trying to get a date with me… He gives me his number on a transfer, but I did not call him. (Then this morning) I boarded the bus with a transfer. He refused the transfer for no reason. He yelled at me saying: GET OFF THE BUS … I felt it (was) because I did not call for him. The bus driver scares me and he has sexually harassed me for many years and I want it to stop … I want to take the bus without fearing of him.

The complaint is undoubtedly unnerving—especially coming after 17 years of alleged abuse—but TTC spokesperson Brad Ross was quick to point out to the Star that there are two sides to every story. We’d also like to note that every comment ever posted on the Internet should be taken with at least some salt.

But seriously, who writes their number on a TTC transfer?

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