TTC complaints up by 15 per cent, but smiles will outnumber frowns by 2030

TTC complaints up by 15 per cent, but smiles will outnumber frowns by 2030

(Image: Suzanne Long)

In a year in which the TTC had to endure any number of scandals (including, but not limited to, napping fare collectors, drunk driving, and attempts to bulldoze the homes of former TTC workers), it’s no surprise that the TTC would see an increase in customer complaints. According to the Globe and Mail, the TTC thinks a 15 per cent increase isn’t exactly good news, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Joe Mihevc, Peter Milczyn and others pointed out that the increase in complaints is modest given that use of the system continues to grow. The TTC is expecting to log 476 million rides this year, up from 471.2 million in 2009 and 466.7 million the year before. “If you do the math, in context it’s pretty small,” said Brad Ross, the TTC spokesman.

Excellent idea, Mr. Ross. Let’s do the math.

If the TTC’s compliments grew to 2,756 (a 32 per cent increase) and complaints grew to 28,360 (a 15 per cent increase) and those rates continued into the future, the TTC would finally get more compliments than complaints by the year 2030. Not that we expect the TTC to adopt our idea for a new slogan—“On the path to net-positive reviews by 2030!”—but who knows? That’s about 10 years after Transit City is supposed to be complete.

Of course, projecting consistently growing happy feelings for the TTC is about as realistic as projecting stable funding for Toronto’s transit. One might even think they’re related.

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