Toronto Web sites make $20-million offer to buy

Toronto Web sites make $20-million offer to buy

Perez (Image: Ann Larie Valentine)

All of Perez Hilton’s hard work drawing coke trails and the word “whore” on celebrity pap shots has finally paid off. Maybe. Locally based gossip site and Avid Life Media, the Toronto media giant that owns, Ashley Madison and, have joined with to make a bid for The offer of $20 million would see $18 million paid up front and another $2 million held in escrow for a year.

“We’d want Perez to take this money and walk,” Taylor told the National Post. “He has his brand, which is great, and his traffic, which is even better, but we’re looking to create something totally new.”

Chances are it won’t happen.

According to Gawker, a recent valuation of estimated it at $32 million, and the letter of intent doesn’t have an exclusivity clause—strange, considering how much personal branding Perez has put into the site. More telling is Avid’s notoriety for PR stunts. Remember when Ashley Madison wanted to sheathe streetcars in “Have an affair” ads or when accused Google of sexism? It was only last week. Uncharacteristically, Hilton has yet to comment on the bid.

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