What Toronto soccer fans are saying about Sebastian Giovinco’s exit

What Toronto soccer fans are saying about Sebastian Giovinco’s exit

Sebastian Giovinco/Instagram

Sebastian Giovinco was, almost without question, the best thing that ever happened to Toronto FC. His arrival in 2015 sent a jolt of energy through the club, propelling Toronto’s once-sad professional soccer team to the MLS Playoffs three seasons in a row, ending in an MLS Cup victory in 2017. Dubbed the “atomic ant” by fans because of his short stature, Giovinco was Toronto’s leading goal scorer, as well as the city’s first true soccer superstar.

And now he’s leaving. Last week, Toronto FC sold Giovinco to Al-Hilal, a Saudi Arabian club, after failing to negotiate a contract extension with him. Sportsnet reports that Giovinco will be getting $11.5 million (U.S.) per year in his new home, which is good for him—but not so great for Toronto fans, who are understandably unhappy with the sudden change to their team’s lineup. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Giovinco, or “Seba,” has already landed in Riyadh, according to the official Al-Hilal Twitter account:

Making this user’s plea too little, too late:

Broadcaster Greg Brady bemoans all the sports legends who have left Toronto in the past year:

Speaking of, look how sad Toronto-born Fox Sports host Rachel Bonnetta was to hear the news:

She remained sad, even after two slices of pie:

Season ticket holders seem to be the fans who are most upset by the deal:

This user raises an excellent point:

Some TFC fans are threatening a boycott. (Although plenty of Leafs fans make similar promises every year.)

Did Toronto FC even CHECK with Ronaldinho or Jesus before making this decision?

Fans are clearly hoping for a big name as Giovinco’s replacement:

Some fans are just angry:

“Stupidest organization in the MLS” seems a little harsh, though:

At any rate, The Atomic Ant doesn’t look too unhappy in his new home stadium: