“Synchronized regional self-absorption” and other events at the #Torontolympics

“Synchronized regional self-absorption” and other events at the #Torontolympics

“One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war” (Christopher Drost)

The Olympics may be taking place in London, but Torontonians have found plenty of grueling, high-stakes events here at home. The hashtag #Torontolympics was started up by Astrid Idlewild who told the Toronto Star that “it just came up in conversation—somebody made a joke about impossible feats in Toronto.” Ever since she suggested the Olympic should include “uphill races on Avenue Road from Bloor to St. Clair, during rush hour, riding a fixie” on Monday night, other Twitter users have been chiming in with their own Toronto-tinged suggestions. Here are some of our favourites:

• Synchronized Regional Self-absorption (@ALL_CAPS)

• Commuting from Scarborough with fewer than four modes of transportation (@karenkho)

• Mammoliti thumb-wrestling (@accozzaglia)

• Discreet Alleyway Urination After the Bars Are All Closed (@paisleyrae)

• Distillery District Wedding Party Dodge (@the2scoops)

• Seeing how long it takes before you’re asked, “But where are you *really* from?” (@accozzaglia)

• Trying to balance your Timmy’s, cell phone, and breakfast walking up the stairs from the subway (@JuanVato)

• Getting as close as possible to Rob Ford’s home without a) losing your phone b) getting assaulted (@junctionette)

[h/t Toronto Star]