Toronto MPs demand that Ottawa pay up for G20

Toronto MPs demand that Ottawa pay up for G20

Show us the money: the city's MPs want the feds to foot the bill for G20-related destruction (Image: Karon Liu)

Somehow, we can’t imagine this is destined for success: Toronto-area Liberal MPs are demanding that Ottawa foot the bill for businesses that were damaged or closed during the summit, since holding the G20 in downtown Toronto was Ottawa’s bright idea (the city wanted to hold it at the Ex). Because if there’s one thing that Stephen Harper has shown in his government, it’s that he listens to both sides of the House.

The Star reports:

“Stephen Harper made a huge mistake in holding this summit in downtown Toronto,’’ said Liberal Markham-Unionville MP John McCallum….

The federal government acknowledged there is compensation precedent. After violent protests caused damage during the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City in 2001, the federal government announced a $2 million fund to compensate merchants, residents and non-profit organizations for damages.

The Liberals aren’t alone: David Miller also says that Ottawa should pony up—and since the mayor’s had so much success getting new money from other levels of government, we’re sure Harper will buckle any minute now.

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