Toronto is losing its mind over the Rob Ford biopic right now

Toronto is losing its mind over the Rob Ford biopic right now

We all knew it was coming. Hollywood has finally decided to turn Rob Ford’s manic, hilarious, tragic mayoralty into a big-budget blockbuster called Run This Town. This morning, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that redheaded looker Damian Lewis will, inexplicably, play the late mayor (with the help of some prosthetics). Ben Platt, Mena Massoud, Nina Dobrev, Jennifer Ehle, Scott Speedman and Gil Bellows have all joined the cast, who are currently shooting in—where else?—Toronto. Naturally, the people of the city, who lived through four years of RoFo madness, had some feelings.

The first stage was, of course, denial:

Then Twitter took exception to the film’s classification as a “thriller”:


More than a few people wondered if Lewis was really the right man for the job:

Which made others wonder who else would join the cast:

The news that 24-year-old actor Ben Platt would play the reporter who exposes Ford didn’t sit well:

Platt himself weighed in:

Not everyone thought the title Run This Town was the best available option:

Meanwhile, some Ford followers began listing off their most anticipated scenes: