THE SCENE: The Bay and Topshop host an intimate dinner at One in the Hazelton Hotel

THE SCENE: The Bay and Topshop host an intimate dinner at One in the Hazelton Hotel

Susie Sheffman, Coco Rocha and The Kills’ Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince (Images: Jason Hudson)

This week marked the opening of Topshop and Topman at Yorkdale, which we’re certain is already yesterday’s news. Frankly, as hosts Bonnie Brooks and Sir Philip Green would agree (they both mentioned it in their speeches), this was a move on The Bay’s part that has been years in the making (and as such, we’ve been hearing about the acquisition for what feels like years as well). To celebrate, Sir Philip Green, Brooks and other Topshop dignitaries—like brand director for Topman David Shepherd, Topshop managing director Mary Homer, Topshop creative director Kate Phelan and Topman design and development director Gordon Richardson—hosted a dinner at One restaurant that brought together model Coco Rocha and fashion plates like Fashion’s Susie Sheffman and Bernadette Morra, Flare’s Liz Cabral, Sharp magazine’s Jeremy FreedNational Post society columnist Shinan Govani, Suzanne Boyd, MuchMusic’s Sarah Taylor, writer Sarah Nicole Prickett, the Globe and Mail’s Tiyana Grulovic, Men’s Fashion’s David Livingston and the Kills’ Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. Check out the scene after the jump.

The evening began with more seafood than can be imagined: lobster, shrimp and crab were provided until guests were so sated, they had to use the restrooms to prepare for the mains. In between smoke breaks, guests were bored to tears by conversations about three guests’ countless trips to Rome (spoiler: there are places in Rome you just have to see)—one city-famous radio host was even overheard discussing the “few great interviewers of our time,” and we assume he was hoping to be acknowledged as one of them. What we were excited to hear was that Green felt this Topshop venture is likely something that can be used as a model for shops in the U.K. and U.S., and that in 10 years, not one member of his executive staff has jumped ship (not even off of his twice-mentioned yacht), proving that he and his staff are part of a business that isn’t failing (at least not now) and that The Bay is in a marketplace worthy of Green’s capital. As the mains rolled in, everyone tucked into steak frites, roasted halibut and lobster or mushroom risotto, except for one guest who spent even more time discussing his fabulous life. By the time our (and everyone else’s) last delectable morsel was consumed, he had only just begun to carve into his steak.  And that’s what you missed at the Topshop and Topman dinner: an impressive Brit who has created a successful empire worthy of attention who believes in Toronto’s economy, self-involved conversations, delicious food and a seemingly endless supply of champagne and wine. Welcome to Toronto, Topshop.

The National Post’s Nathalie Atkinson has informed us that contrary to Sir Philip Green’s speech, Jane Shepherdson left the company in 2006.

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