This Richmond Hill couple makes a combined $195,000. How are they spending it?

This Richmond Hill couple makes a combined $195,000. How are they spending it?

Who: Jovan Bojovski, 40; Ida Bojovski, 34
What they do: She’s a compliance professional in financial services; he’s a master electrician
What they make: $195,000 a year
Where they live: A four-bedroom house in Richmond Hill

Regular Expenses

Mortgage: $2,300 a month.

$500 a month.

Cellphone and internet:
$260 a month for unlimited talk and text with Fido.

Streaming services:
$22 a month. “We use only Netflix and Amazon Prime,” Jovan says.

$800 a month for home and auto.

$700 a month. “I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2020, so most of that goes toward financing,” says Ida, “but we’re also spending a lot on gas these days, taking the kids to visit family.”

Groceries: $800 a month. “We get our dry foods and diapers delivered from Walmart, which saves us time and money,” says Ida. “Otherwise, we shop for meat and produce at Costco.”

Ordering in: $150 a month. “We used to order in a lot, spending about $600 a week on Uber Eats,” Ida says. “We’ve cut back since having the kids because it was expensive and unhealthy.”

Baby supplies: $120 a month. “We get our baby formula shipped from Germany because North American formula has so many unhealthy additives,” says Ida.

Daycare: $3,000 a month.

Long-term Savings Plan

For renovation: $500 a month. “We already have $15,000 saved to redo our kitchen and bathroom,” says Jovan.

For a second property: $500 a month. “In the next five years, we’d like to own a cottage in either Muskoka or Huntsville,” says Ida.

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