This project manager makes $86,000 a year. How does she spend it?

This project manager makes $86,000 a year. How does she spend it?

“Home ownership isn’t my goal—early retirement is”

Who: Sarah Dominique Mariani, 27
What she does: Strategic projects manager for an entrepreneurial non-profit and vice-chair at the Canadian Women’s Foundation
What she makes: $86,000
Where she lives: A one-bed condo in Corktown

Regular Expenses

Rent: $1,715 a month. “This unit was renting at around $2,200 pre-pandemic. I got it in December 2020 for a steal.”

Internet: $50 a month with Beanfield.

Phone: $16.95 a month with Freedom Mobile. “I only get 250 MB of data, but I’m rarely without Wi-Fi, so it’s enough for me.”

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Groceries: $200 a month. “I eat very little meat—better for my wallet, my conscience and the planet—and I shop at No Frills for the bulk of my groceries. When I do want to eat meat, I go to Butchers of Distinction. I also make multiple stops at Blackbird Baking Co. each week.”

Eating out: $178 a month. “We are spoiled for choice in the east end. The Comrade makes a great burger, Eastside Social is the perfect dinner spot—their oxtail risotto is heaven—and Tabule makes the best mojitos in the city. My job also requires a lot of coffee meetings, so I’m always trying out new cafés in the city. Recent favourites include Sumach Espresso, Mallo Coffee Bar and Rustle & Still.”

Transportation: $60 a month. “I take the GO Train to visit my parents in Ajax at least once a month and rely on the TTC for almost everything else.”

Memberships: $73 a month. “Rock On Climbing is a bouldering gym in the Canary District. It’s a five-minute walk from my place, and it’s open 24 hours, which makes it easy for me to keep up with a workout routine. I also rely heavily on my library card for entertainment—I prefer to borrow e-books, podcasts and paperbacks than to buy them.”

Clothing: $100 a month. “I love a good thrift shop. I live and work close to two different Common Sort locations. I focus on finding great denim and vintage skirts.”

Savings: $1,000 a month. “Home ownership isn’t my goal—early retirement is.”

Recent Splurges

Hair: $328. “I go to Salon August every three to five months, and I usually spring for whatever products my stylist recommends.”

New ink: $250. “My tattoos are beautiful and unique. The artists at Always Tattoo Studio are absolutely incredible.”