This office furniture company’s new downtown office doubles as a showroom

This office furniture company’s new downtown office doubles as a showroom

Inscape is an office furniture supplier that has been around since 1888. (They’re famous in the office furniture world for patenting an anti-tip mechanism on filing cabinets.) The company is headquartered in East Gwillimbury, but they also have a downtown Toronto office, which relocated to Bay and Wellington in November. The new space serves not only as a workplace for staff and a handy location for client meetings, but also as a showroom for Inscape’s products. They worked with local interior design firm Figure3 to create a warm, homey environment. Here’s a look inside.

The elevators open into an area with low ceilings to create a sense of coziness. The mural is by an organization called ArtLifting, which connects homeless or disabled artists with companies who can use their services:


The design team got rid of the drop ceiling and tore up the floor to expose the original concrete:


The café doubles as a presentation space. There are wooden slats and sound buffers above, so noise doesn’t carry to other parts of the office:


These metal cabinets can be finished in materials that look and feel like millwork or marble:


In the board room, semi-opaque curtains provide privacy while still allowing those outside to see when the room is busy:


The table is made up of 14 different pieces, which can be moved around depending on what the space is being used for:


The Inscape Bench is designed for open floor plans, and is one of the company’s most popular products:


Clients can choose from a bunch of different dividers, including succulent planters or this fabric that lets employees pin up schedules or personal mementos:


The meditation room is lined in a dichroic film, making it opaque from the outside, and semi-opaque from the inside:


Here’s the outside. There are only five full-time staff members who work out of this office, but the marketing and sales teams from East Gwillimbury are in regularly, as are designers and clients:


Some of Inscape’s finishing options on display: