This digital marketing manager makes $110,000 a year. How does he spend it?

This digital marketing manager makes $110,000 a year. How does he spend it?

Who Ahmet Kul, 30
What he does Digital marketing manager at a bank
What he makes $110,000 a year
Where he lives A one-bedroom apartment at Yonge and Eglinton

Regular Expenses

Rent $1,900, including utilities. “All of the restaurants and shops I need are within walking distance, which is great,” says Ahmet.

Internet $50 a month, for unlimited high-speed internet. “I get a deal because my building has a contract with FibreStream.”

Phone $50 a month, with Fido.

Fitness $105 a month, for a membership at Basecamp, a rock-climbing gym. “I love rock climbing and I go three or four times a week, but I wish I could do it even more often.”

Transportation $110 a month, for TTC and Uber. “I work from home, so I don’t leave my neighbourhood that much. But if I’m going to visit friends or to the rock-climbing gym, I’ll take public transport or Uber.”

Groceries $350 a month. “I shop at Metro every now and then, but I order most necessities, like cleaning products and bulk foods, on Amazon, where they’re cheaper and delivered right to my door.”

Eating out $1,300 a month, mostly for takeout and delivery. “My favourite places are MeatPoint, a Turkish restaurant, and Rolltation, a sushi burrito chain.”

Investments $2,000 a month, in the stock market. “I’m aiming to buy a house in two years, so I’m putting about 20 per cent of my earnings into a portfolio.”

Recent Splurges

Trip to Florida $4,000, for travel, food and accommodations. “My partner and I spent the holidays visiting Disney World and Universal Studios.”

Birthday gift $1,200, for a pearl necklace from Tiffany. “I got it for my partner’s 30th birthday. She always wanted pearls.”

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