This couple makes $140,000 a year. How are they spending during the pandemic?

This couple makes $140,000 a year. How are they spending during the pandemic?

Who Shawn Asrula, 35, and Genny Cruz, 34
What they do He owns two barbershops, she’s a hairdresser
What they make A combined $140,000
Where they live A two-bedroom condo downtown

Regular Expenses

Rent $2,000 a month. “We signed the lease last year, when rental prices dipped because of the pandemic,” says Genny. “I think we got a good deal.”

Internet $60 a month, with Beanfield, a Toronto-based TV and internet company.

Cell $300 a month, for unlimited call and text with Bell.

Gym $300 a month, at Sweat and Tonic, for Genny. “For that, I get as many HIIT and spin classes as I want,” she says.

Car-related expenses $430 a month, for Shawn’s 2017 Infiniti. “One of my barbershops is downtown, the other’s in Rexdale,” he says. “So I’m always driving back and forth.”

Meal kits $640 a month, with Sixteen Ounce, a ready-to-eat meal-delivery service. “We’re too busy to cook,” says Genny. “This gives us six healthy dinners a week.”

Groceries $300 a month, from Farm Boy, Metro or Loblaws. “We just buy the small stuff, like popcorn and chips,” says Genny.

Recent Splurges

Dinner $300, at Blu Ristorante in Yorkville. “We like the seafood linguine and beef cheek ragu,” says Shawn.

Nike Panda Sneakers $350, for Genny. “A friend got them for me in Vancouver,” she says. “They’re classic black and white, and it’s tough to find them in Toronto.”

Fantasy basketball $450, for three leagues with Yahoo! Sports, for Shawn.
“I play with friends, clients and barbers,” he says. “It’s a great way to stay connected.”

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