The star-filled red carpet moments of TIFF 2022 so far

The star-filled red carpet moments of TIFF 2022 so far

Viola Davis, Nicolas Cage, Taylor Swift and more

The Woman King cast at the film’s premiere

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It turns out that the low-register earthquake King West condo-dwellers felt on Friday night was actually the sound of Taylor Swift’s fan base crowding outside the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre to catch a glimpse of their idol. Star spotting during TIFF is a time-honoured festival tradition, and 2022 is giving us plenty to gawk at. Here is a roundup of red-carpet moments, including a big-time director flipping the bird.

Viola Davis

The Woman King is being called the Black female Braveheart, a nod to both its brutal battle scenes and its loads of early Oscar buzz. Star Viola Davis’s dress—a custom power clash column by Toronto design duo Greta Constantine—is being called awesome (by us).

Nathalie and Manal Issa

This year’s opening selection, The Swimmers, is a straight-from-the-headlines heartbreaker about two Syrian refugee sisters who swam from their home in Damascus all the way to Greece to then compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro—and it stars real-life sisters Nathalie and Manal Issa.

Daniel Radcliffe and Weird Al Yankovic

The festival’s annual Midnight Madness kicked off with Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, starring Daniel Radcliffe as the world’s first and best (and only?) satirical pop giant. And those who came to see Harry Potter play the accordion…

Weird Al Dance Troupe

…stayed for the Weird Al lookalike dance troupe that took over King Street.

Nic Cage

It was a super quick TIFF stop-in for Nicolas Cage, who attended the world premiere of his new movie, The Butcher’s Crossing, shortly after the world premiere of his new daughter, August Francesca, born the previous week. “I literally just left the hospital and got on a plane and came here,” Cage told an audience at Studio TIFF.

Taylor Swift and Sadie Sink

Taylor Swift was at TIFF to present All Too Well: The Short Film, a 15-minute version of the 2012 song that may or may not be about her former relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Stranger Things star Sadie Sink plays the film’s main character. In a sold-out sit down with TIFF honcho Cameron Bailey, Swift discussed her directorial ambitions and that red scarf.

Taylor Swift fans

This year’s TIFF fandemonium award goes to the thousands of Swifties who showed up at TIFF Bell Lightbox at 5 a.m. to get a good spot. The red carpet was closed to the public (presumably based on a legitimate fear of trampling), but Swift still stopped by to take selfies with her fans.

Fred VanVleet

Raptors represent! Everyone’s favourite point guard looks on point attending the world premiere of Black Ice, a documentary about Black hockey players and racism within the sport.

Rian Johnson

Glass Onion is the much anticipated, even more star-studded sequel to Knives Out—not that director Rian Johnson seems particularly chuffed about it.

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King

The ultimate celebrity flex: rolling with your BFF. Here, Oprah and her longtime bestie Gayle King arrive at the premiere of Sidney, a documentary about the life of film legend Sidney Poitier. Oprah (who produced and appears in the doc) has called Poitier (who died in January) a mentor, friend, brother and confidant.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is that rare celebrity who can still give off everywoman vibes while walking a red carpet and wearing a designer gown. Here she is posing for her millionth selfie.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick arrived late to the premiere of her movie Alice, Darling after getting trapped in a Toronto elevator. Firefighters from Queen West’s Station 331 showed up to extract the star, who chronicled her ordeal on Instagram.

Brendan Fraser

Bring on the Brendan-aissance: this year’s comeback kid is Brendan Fraser, the Canadian actor who stars as a depressed recluse in The Whale. Critics are calling it a “career-defining” role, and Fraser told the crowd at the Royal Alex Theatre that he was happy to find meaningful work on screen.