The Scene: Power Ball 13, a party where people drink a lot and eat meat in designer clothes

The Scene: Power Ball 13, a party where people drink a lot and eat meat in designer clothes

Forget the fashion—Power Ball 13, 2011’s edition of the annual Power Plant fundraiser, was all about the meat. Think a pig on a spit is decadent? Well, there was an entire bison. Flocks of formally attired party-goers crowded in front of the massive spit to ooh and aah over the roasting beast like enchanted Temple of Doom acolytes as Marc Thuet sliced meat into sandwiches. “We need meat!” cried Stephen Wong of design duo Greta Constantine as he and partner Kirk Pickersgill tucked into their fat-dripping sandwiches. Also spotted: Belinda Stronach, Jeff Stober, Kenneth Montague, Shinan Govani, Loretta Chin and more carnivores (and some herbivores, lest we forget). Check out the fashion, art and meat in a gallery after the jump.

In addition to the Greta Constantine designers, Canadian fashion was out in full force, including writer Sarah Nicole Prickett and Toronto Life contributor Victoria Webster, both sporting the same frock from event co-chair Jeremy Laing (“There’s only two of these dresses in the whole world!” laughed Prickett. “What are the chances?”). Blogger Anita Clarke, meanwhile, was seen slithering around in a Mark Fast catsuit, singer Clara Venice wore a head-to-toe Evan Biddell ensemble, and Neubacher Shor Contemporary gallery owner Anya Shor was in a feather-covered Marika Brose frock.

The ratio of high fashion to high street fashion was the same as always, with some taking some chances (a few gals were wearing elaborate headpieces from local line By Ropena, while 69 Vintage doyenne Kealan Sullivan donned an eye-catching sequined cap and shimmering black tunic) and the remainder throwing on any old thing. The lit-up wires of one of the art installations (we like to refer to it as “the laser room”) perked up everyone’s outfits nicely, albeit in a Tron sort of way.

We especially admire the brave few who, successfully or not, really took it to the next level (the theme was The Thirteenth Floor, after all), such as the woman wearing the green velvet muumuu and the huge gold horseshoe around her neck, or marketing maven Louie Manzo, who eschewed his usual stocking-over-the-face look for an elaborate silver wig accessorized with cat-o’-nine-tails (naturally).

Maybe we should all head to The Thirteenth Floor more often. Even it’s just for the meat.