The power of love: Céline Dion has more babies

The woman who struggles to write a song without the word “love” in the title has two more reasons to be all mushy-gushy: that’s right, Céline Dion finally had some more babies. She and René Angélil have been trying to conceive since early last year—she didn’t sing in the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics because she was undergoing fertility treatment. Apparently the treatment took. On Saturday morning, she gave birth to healthy twin boys in a hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. The couple was obviously overjoyed, but what is surprising is that they managed to find a doctor, Ruel Stoessel, who’s as over-the-top lovey-dovey as the singer. 

“There’s a special flame that she has that’s really bright and very enduring,” the physician said Sunday. “It’s always a pleasure to have someone so highly motivated and loving and caring.” The twins, he noted, were born with a shocking amount of hair. “We were making comments that she’s going to need to have stylists come and take care of them,” Stoessel said with a laugh.

Sure, it’s a time for celebration, but we should also be slightly terrified, and here’s why: think of how much joy and happiness emanated from Dion’s music when she had only one child. Imagine the new heights of saccharine bliss that will flow forth with three children for inspiration. Las Vegas is bracing for impact.

Dion, twins happy, proud papa says [Toronto Sun]


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