The List: 10 things restaurateur and Top Chef Canada judge Shereen Arazm can’t live without

The List: 10 things restaurateur and Top Chef Canada judge Shereen Arazm can’t live without

The List: ShereenArazm

The List: ShereenArazmMy ciccio fix
Terroni founder Cosimo Mammoliti invented the ciccio, the world’s best sandwich: prosciutto, bocconcini and arugula folded into pizza crust. When I opened my own Terroni in L.A., I made sure it was on the menu.

The List: ShereenArazmMy shades
My eyes are sensitive to light, so I keep sunglasses everywhere. My favourites are polarized Ray-Bans with tortoiseshell frames. I think I had the same ones in the ’80s.

The List: ShereenArazmMy ultimate comfort food
There’s nothing like my mom’s chocolate cake anywhere. She makes it for me every year on my birthday.

My dad’s rug
When he was 14, my dad left Iran to go to school in Europe. He rolled up this small rug and carried it on top of his backpack to bring a piece of home with him. Then he brought it to Canada and I brought it to the U.S. Right now it’s at the door to my daughter’s bedroom.

The List: ShereenArazm

My signature scent
I’ve worn Chanel No. 5 since university. My best friend says it smells like old lady perfume, but I love it—I’ll never wear anything else.

My grey cashmere scarf
I bought it at Holt’s seven years ago. I travel a lot and I’m always cold, so I cram it into my carry-on. It’s big enough to use as a small blanket on a plane.

The List: Shereen ArazmMy necklace
When I got the Top Chef gig, my husband, Oren, gave me this Helen Ficalora necklace. Each charm had a letter in pavé diamonds—his and our two kids’ initials. On the first day of shooting Top Chef, he gave me three more charms for good luck: a T, a C and a gold fork.

The List: Shereen ArazmMy BlackBerry PlayBook
Unlike my iPad, this tablet has Flash, so my daughter and I can watch my stepson’s hockey highlights. He plays for the U.S. National Under-17 Team and is billeted with a family in Michigan.

My Crate and Barrel juicer
My daughter creeps into my room every morning and says, “Come on Mommy, juice time!” We have an orange tree in our backyard in L.A., which, since I’m from Toronto, still blows my mind.

The List: Shereen ArazmMy Lara McGraw cushions
My interior designer has the best taste of anyone I know. These cushions are in my library, which is old-school with original wood panelling but also has contemporary furniture. The cushions marry the styles well.