The List: 10 things Janet Carding, the new ROM director, can’t live without

The List: 10 things Janet Carding, the new ROM director, can’t live without

Ten things Janet Carding, the globe-trotting new head of the Royal Ontario Museum, can’t live without

Water My family has always had a strong relationship with water. I just moved here from Australia, and one of the things I miss most about Sydney is being close to the ocean. Soon after arriving in Toronto, I took the ferry to the Island. I just wanted to be out on the water—I didn’t even get off the boat.

Going to the theatre I’m a diehard theatre-goer. Back in Sydney, I had season’s tickets to the two major theatre companies, and I’m getting to know the companies here. I’ve been to the Shaw Festival a couple of times and really enjoyed their production of The Doctor’s Dilemma. And I’ve just booked tickets for the Robert Lepage play, The Anderson Project, which I’m excited about.

My English breakfast Being from Northern England, I love strong black tea. I was thrilled to find my favourite,  Yorkshire Tea, here at Pusateri’s. I also love Marmite. I spread it on toast in the morning with butter.

My knife set My kitchen supplies are somewhere at sea in a giant storage container, so I had to get a new knife, which I love. It’s made by Global, a Japanese company. I found it at Tap Phong in Chinatown. I’m a vegetarian, and good chopping knives are important for stir-fries, which I make often.

My veggie haven One of my new favourite places in Toronto is Fresh. I’ve been to the one on Bloor a few times and am slowly making my way through its menu. I haven’t come across a place like it in other cities. I love the Thai burger with peanut sauce.

My signature scents I don’t think I’d feel complete without Jo Malone’s perfumes. I have several scents. At the moment, the French lime blossom is my favourite, with the white jasmine and mint running a close second.

My CanLit fix A good way to get to know a country is to read its literature. A couple of friends recommended Joseph Boyden’s Three Day Road, which I’m enjoying so far. There is so much to cover. I realize I’m starting a project that will take years.

Pearl necklace I treated myself to a new necklace when I got my Australian citizenship. I’m now a dual British and Australian citizen. The pearl is from Western Australia; I bought it on my last trip across the country. I wear it pretty much every day as a reminder of my six years there.

My indoor footwear In Sydney, most people wouldn’t be caught dead wearing their Uggs outside of the house. They’re worn as slippers. When I was moving here, I thought, I’m going to need some winter slippers, so I bought a pair of Uggs. I wear them every night, but I can’t imagine putting them on to go out.

My emu art At work, I’m surrounded by amazing objects and artwork. At home, I like to keep things less busy. One of my favourite pieces is by a Colombian artist named Maria Fernanda Cardoso. We became friends in Australia. The piece is made of emu feathers, and right now it’s in that giant container at sea. I’m hoping it makes it here intact.

(Images: Jaime Hogge; Artwork courtesy of Maria Fernanda Cardoso)


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