The “Bieber-iffic map to Stratford” now on tourism site

The “Bieber-iffic map to Stratford” now on tourism site

Just like Jared, Justin loves Subway (Bieber: Kerosene Photography; sandwich, Subway)

Stratford has its very own map to the stars. Make that star. The town’s tourism Web site is now offering visitors a map to Justin Bieber’s local haunts—he spent most of his young life there, after all. Called the Bieber-iffic! Map to Stratford, the guide offers 18 Bieber-frequented spots (like Subway, his pick for fast food), encouraging young tourists to explore the town that the petite popster recently said “nothing ever came out of.” Except you, Biebs, and, you know, that teensy theatre festival. Some of the highlights from the map:

Avon Theatre: Justin busked on the theatre’s front steps during the festival, earning between $150 and $200 a day and saving enough to treat his mom to a trip to Disney World.

King’s Buffet: This is where Justin had his first date. “But all was not blissful, as he spilled spaghetti and meatballs all over himself and the pair did not date again.”

Stratford Northwestern Public School: “This is where Justin’s favourite teachers were Miss Booker and Mr. Monteith.”

We wonder how Miss Booker and Mr. Monteith will handle the swarms of giddy girls looking for stories about their former student.

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