Teenage Sex and the City

Teenage Sex and the City

We now know where parents, teachers and politicians stand on the too-hot-to-handle subject of sex ed, but we haven’t heard from the kids—until now

Dalton McGuinty riled up parents and teachers when he approved—and then quickly disapproved—a new sex ed curriculum that would have introduced such titillating topics as vaginal lubrication and anal intercourse into the classroom. All the debate among mature minds had us wondering what kids think, so we asked a group of high school students what they learned from years of anatomical charts and lessons about private parts.

“I remember feeling so embarrassed in, like, Grade 3 when we were learning about the proper names of body parts. I cried in class.”
– Joshua, 17
Waiting for marriage

“We learned about protection and about the male body. I guess it was helpful, but I don’t really need to know about the male body, unless I have a son.”
– Amanda, 15
Waiting for someone who understands her
“The class was a joke, more patronizing than anything else. We mostly learned how to say no, as if sex was this bad thing you should only do as a last resort.”
– Nicole, 18
Lost it at 16
“Sex ed classes were fun, especially the movies, but I lost my virginity in Grade 7, before teachers really started preparing us for the real deal.”
– Jessica, 15
Lost it at 12
“I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know: wear a condom, be safe. For some weird reason, teachers got us to call Kids Help Phone and ask sex questions.”
– Cody, 17
Waiting for prom, hopefully
“This year, I had a teacher who didn’t shy away from anything. I’m so glad, because I don’t want to go into a situation clueless.”
– Ryan, 18
Doesn’t kiss and tell
“It was all about biology and anatomy, and teachers made sex seem shameful, unless you’re completely committed to the person. Not that I care. I’m kind of a badass.”
– Megan, 17
Lost it at 15
“Our teacher brought in a wooden penis, and we took turns putting condoms on it. It was painfully awkward. I learned a lot more from my friends and family.”
– Kate, 17
Waiting for someone she can trust

(Images: Devin Jeffrey)