SPOTTED: Martha Stewart eats, Rihanna walks and Robert Pattinson drinks

SPOTTED: Martha Stewart eats, Rihanna walks and Robert Pattinson drinks

Martha Stewart, Rihanna and Robert Pattinson have been spotted in Toronto

It figures that once the weather gets nice, Toronto is the go-to destination for the stars. If we had this kind of sun all year round, we bet Hogtown could really give Hollywood a run for its money. No, seriously, it seems the city was teeming with celebrities this past week. Check out a roundup of star sightings after the jump.

The reigning queen of floral arrangements and dinner parties, Martha Stewart, touched down in Toronto last night. Stewart tweeted that she’d just arrived in our fair city and was dining at O&B Canteen. The decorating diva even asked her Twitter followers for suggestions on what to order (she had the snooze-worthy Margherita pizza), and we can only hope she’ll probe for recommendations on where else to dine, since she’s staying in T.O. tonight to host one of Roy Thomson Hall’s Unique Lives and Experiences events. We’ve got a few obvious suggestions, like Origin and Buca, but we know that underneath Stewart’s pristine image there lies a bit of a bad girl, so we’ll recommend The Drake BBQ as a snack after a night on the town.

Another starlet was in town this weekend too: Rihanna was spotted in Yorkville, out and about with her bodyguard. RiRi also sent our city some cyber love, tweeting “I LOVE T DOT!!! #Rah.” While we’re unsure what that hash tag means, we love that Rihanna loves Toronto, and apparently a local celebrity feels the same way—RiRi’s once-rumoured love interest, Drake, retweeted a picture of Toronto that was cellphone-snapped by Rihanna, complete with the caption, “This city is so pretty at night…” The “Only Girl (in the World)” singer is in town tonight and tomorrow performing her Rihanna: Loud Tour at the Air Canada Centre.

Last, but certainly not least, there was another vampire sighting on Friday night. Robert Pattinson attempted to blend with the crowd at Goodnight, the reservations-only back-alley spot near Richmond and Spadina. How Pattinson knew to hit the exclusive bar is anyone’s guess—perhaps he read that New York Times article listing Goodnight as one of Toronto’s coolest places, or maybe he heard from a 2010 TIFF attendee that it was the place to go. Either way, we’re glad Pattinson is able to go out and enjoy our fine city paparazzi-free.

Martha Stewart, David Shankbone; Rihanna, Central Image Agency/Film Magic/Getty Images; Robert Pattinson, Twilight poster