See, Hear, Read: our experts pick the movie, music and book release of the month

See, Hear, Read: our experts pick the movie, music and book release of the month

They love it. We want it. Three red-hot releases

“Ed Burns has two careers going on. He’s an actor in big Hollywood movies like Man on a Ledge, and he’s an indie filmmaker who creates romantic comedies that feel like early Woody Allen. His newest is about two marriages—one just starting out, and one that appears to be going down in flames. Burns shot it over 12 days for only $9,000. It’s frank, intimate and honest.”
—Andrea Elizabeth Mitchell
Staffer at Videoflicks

Newlyweds, directed by Edward Burns (May 22)

“The first time I saw PS I Love You play, I thought they were a grunge band, partly because their sound is heavy and partly because they wear a lot of flannel. But the duo’s songs are also poppy and catchy. Paul Saulnier’s guitar playing is crazy, and his singing sounds like something out of a cartoon. The new album has a song about getting together with a girl while watching Star Trek: First Contact. It’s that kind of quirkiness that made me fall in love with them in the first place.”
—Colin Medley
Staffer at Soundscapes

Death Dreams, PS I Love You (May 8)

In this book, the photographer Patrick Cummins documents the kinds of gradual changes to the city’s landscape you barely notice. My favourite page shows a storefront that says “Typewriters” next to a picture of the same store nine years later that says “Computers.” In the text, the urban affairs writer Shawn Micallef delves deep into the kinds of scenes that other people don’t really pay attention to.”
—Kellie Hadjidimitriou
Manager at Swipe

Full Frontal T.O., by Patrick Cummins and Shawn Micallef (May 1)