When Sean Spicer called Justin Trudeau “Joe,” all hell broke loose on Twitter

Earlier today, during a press conference, White House press secretary Sean Spicer appeared to refer to Canada’s prime minister as “Joe” Trudeau—which is obviously not the right name. The flub may have been a simple slip of the tongue. Even so, within minutes, Twitter was awash with “Joe Trudeau” jokes. Here are some of them.

Here’s what Spicer said:

First and foremost, the gaffe was an occasion for many, many Sean Spicer jokes:

You know it’s a five-alarm Twitter pile-on when someone finds a way to use this cat GIF:

Politifact rates this tweet MOSTLY TRUE:

But what if there’s a logical explanation? Like, maybe we just haven’t met this Joe Trudeau yet?

Imagine what identical Justin Trudeau twins could do for Canada’s economy! One of them could hang out at airports and sell hugs to tourists.

Others believe that “Joe Trudeau” could be some sort of Justin Trudeau alter-ego. PM by day, dashing rogue by night:


In this age of name-recognition politics, could Joe Trudeau become a viable candidate in the next federal election? Sources say: absolutely.

Or maybe the fake-name thing was all a ruse to keep Trudeau off the White House’s mailing list?

Another strong possibility:

One has to wonder what Trudeau thinks of all this.


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