School board joins the fight against Rob Ford’s so-called “war on children”

School board joins the fight against Rob Ford’s so-called “war on children”

(Image: Christopher Drost)

A new front has opened in the resistance against Rob Ford’s new budget—the TDSB is planning to publicize the impact of the proposed cuts to school pools, parks and recreation and nutrition programs on children. The school board reserved three spots at this week’s budget hearings to state their case, while trustees are being encouraged (okay, “urged”) to put pressure on councillors who could serve as swing votes. In other words, yet another case of the optics around Ford’s proposed budget looking decidedly un-rosy.

The Star has the story:

Under a proposed budget, the city is looking at eliminating programming at seven of the 33 school pools it operates, as well as after-school programming at 12 sites and support for school nutrition programs.

Bolton said the board has requested three spots at this week’s city budget hearings so it may address each issue.

Several trustees at Monday’s committee meeting said more must be done to urge the city to reconsider. Trustees were urged to reach out to local councillors—especially seven councillors whom they didn’t name whose votes they feel can be swayed.

Of course, it’s pretty much impossible for a politician to reduce children’s programming without looking like a jerk—but Ford’s in a particularly tough spot here. On the one hand, he can follow through with his proposed cuts and axe programming. On the other, he can bow to the public and political pressure, avoid cuts and look like just another civic leader without a backbone.

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