Sarah Thomson makes her MPP candidacy, riding and party official

Sarah Thomson makes her MPP candidacy, riding and party official

Sarah Thomson picks Big Red (Image: Tsar Kasim)

End the rumours, here are the facts: Sarah Thomson, one-time candidate for mayor and then champion for anyone-but-Ford, is running for the Liberals in the October provincial election in the Trinity-Spadina riding. In a move that certainly won’t invite comparisons to Sarah Palin, Thomson announced her plan on her Facebook page (log-in required). Thomson will be going up against longtime NDP MPP Rosario Marchese. The man will not be an easy one to defeat. Thomson’s name recognition from last year’s election may help her, but it’s still going to be a long, tough campaign. The Informer asked Thomson why she decided to run in another election so soon after the municipal one. Her answer, and Marchese’s retort, after the jump.

“I kind of get charged up by it. My husband’s already noticed that my energy level has picked up,” says Thomson. Taking aim at Marchese, Thomson says, “I’m a consensus-builder and a doer. He’s been there for 21 years and he’s done nothing for that riding.” Thomson lists a number of issues in Trinity-Spadina she thinks needs to be pushed forward, including improvements to Ontario Place and Exhibition Place.

For his part, Marchese told The Informer, “Sarah is clearly setting the tone of the election. I don’t have a problem with that—she’ll have to defend the Liberal record, and defend what the Liberals will do if they’re re-elected.” Specifically, Marchese thinks that General Thomson of the subway army will have a hard time defending the Liberal record on cuts to Transit City and diesel-powered trains to the airport.

“We’d heard for some time the Liberals were courting her, so today’s news isn’t a surprise. We also heard the Conservatives were courting her and she was courting them. I’m glad she’s made up her mind,” says Marchese. “It would be foolish on my part not to take her seriously.”

The official race for Trinity-Spadina is only hours old, and we’ve already got accusations of rank opportunism and lethargic gold-bricking. (We’re sure the Tories will run a candidate in Trinity-Spadina, but calls to the sacrificial lamb farm were not immediately returned.) This has officially become a race to watch. Stay tuned.

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