Sarah Thomson asks John Tory to piss or get off the pot, Rob Ford isn’t waiting

Sarah Thomson asks John Tory to piss or get off the pot, Rob Ford isn’t waiting

A reminder for politicians everywhere: if it’s in writing, it can be leaked. This applies to personal e-mails discussing the race for Toronto’s top job. The Globe and Mail has got copies of an early July e-mail exchange between mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson and John Tory, who’s perfecting his will-he-or-won’t-he schtick. In the exchange, Thomson—who says her campaign is being hobbled by Tory’s ambiguous state in the race—implores him to make up his mind, and Tory, well, continues being John Tory:

I am mindful of the unique situation which exists here for you in particular and I guess being mindful of it is all I can do. I think you have to canvass every possibility and then decide your own final plans on what you think is best….

Your message re my plans is not lost on me in any respect. I wish I could say “therefore I will do this or that tomorrow” but I can’t. But the message is received and understood.

The sub-plot to this little affair: Thomson apparently going to bat for Tory’s son (her senior advisor), who she says is ready to enter the electoral fray on his own but feels like he’ll be overshadowed by dad.

Meanwhile, Rob Ford’s campaign didn’t wait for Tory to announce his candidacy before targeting him in their cartoon Web ad, which shows Tory just as powerless before the almighty sarlaac gravy train at city hall as the rest of the candidates—with the exception of Ford, who looks quite fetching in Superman garb. (As the Sun notes, the ad has Ford looking “taller and more muscular than he is in real-life.”)

We’re tempted to say Tory should make up his mind, and fast, but at this point there’s no point: between Thomson, Ford and all the chatter this week, the city is clearly seized by Tory-mentum.

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