Rock bands cancel campaign gig when they find out it’s for Mammoliti

Rock bands cancel campaign gig when they find out it’s for Mammoliti

Mayoral candidate Giorgio Mammoliti’s camp is scrambling to find a new lineup for next Wednesday’s Rock the Vote night at Tattoo Rock Parlour. Headliner The Darcys pulled out after learning they’d be playing in support of his campaign, writing on their blog that they were initially told the event was a benefit for Sheridan College:

We do not know Mammoliti personally, but we know that his politics have opposed Bill 167, which extends spousal benefits to same-sex couples. Though we do not endorse a specific candidate in the mayoral race, we cannot support Mammoliti. We are sorry for the confusion but hope you can sympathize with our predicament.

Apparently, the Darcys found out about the event when Post contributor and Toronto Public Space Committee campaigner Jonathan Goldsbie tweeted about the event and the band:

goldsbie: I’m just gonna assume @itsthedarcys (described by the Star as “Thom-Yorke-does-Crazy-Horse”) are supporting Mammoliti ironically. #voteTO

itsthedarcys: @goldsbie this is the first we have heard about this show, since it was refaced as something new. thanks for the heads up

goldsbie: @itsthedarcys What had it previously been?

itsthedarcys: @goldsbie - something for Sheridan College

The Star asked Mammoliti about the cancellation, and he said, “I have no comment. Thanks for the call, anyway.”

Make Your Exit, another band scheduled to play, also cancelled yesterday, citing identical reasons: they thought they would be playing for Sheridan but don’t support Mammoliti’s campaign.

Mammoliti’s spokesperson told the Star and the Post that the event is more about encouraging young adults to vote. “This event is not about Giorgio Mammoliti,” Dan Leggieri told the Star. “It’s really just a social awareness event to get youth aware that there’s an election coming up in October.” Still, Soraya Mangal, a spokesperson for the company responsible for planning the event, tells the Post that the concert was always billed as a Mammoliti event.

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