Rob Ford’s friend is arrested on drug charges; reporters rejoice

Rob Ford’s friend is arrested on drug charges; reporters rejoice

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Whenever the Rob Ford crack rumour machine starts to slows down, a crazy new development gives the media a chance to rehash all the details one more time. The latest feeding frenzy came last night, when Sandro Lisi—Ford’s friend, periodic driver and alleged drug supplier—was arrested in a police raid of an Etobicoke dry cleaners. Police charged “Sandy,” as Ford calls him, with marijuana possession and trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime, and conspiracy. This last charge has journalists particularly intrigued, given recent intel that police investigated allegations that Lisi was furiously working to locate the infamous video.

The Toronto Star tries to connect the dots:

In one attempt to retrieve the video, soon after news of its existence broke on May 16, Lisi paid visits to the Etobicoke house where a group of men from the Dixon Rd. community involved in the crack cocaine trade were known to hang out. The bungalow is home to Fabio and Elena Basso, both friends of Ford.

[…] A day later, just before midnight, Fabio, his girlfriend, and Fabio’s mother were assaulted by an unknown attacker brandishing an expandable baton who broke into their home. No charges have been laid in the attack.

An odd coincidence, to be sure. But with his Lordship, the police and Lisi’s lawyer all staying mum, it’s going to be difficult for reporters develop the Ford link much further. Not to worry, though—we’re sure it won’t be long before one of the mayor’s many other strange friends steps in with some headline-grabbing antics.

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