The latest participant in Rob Ford’s unfolding crack scandal? Apple

The latest participant in Rob Ford's unfolding crack scandal? Apple
(Image: Christopher Drost)

Torontonians have grown used to seeing Rob Ford on late-night TV and on foreign newscasts, but the latest measure of the mayor’s international infamy is, if possible, even more bizarre. Apple—yes, that Apple—is reportedly helping Toronto police access cell phone data related to Project Brazen 2, the ongoing investigation into Ford’s hidden life.

According to the Star, Toronto police have been granted several Ford-related search warrants over the past few months. One of those warrants allowed them to go to Apple for help unlocking an iPhone that belonged to the mayor’s friend Alexander “Sandro” Lisi. Apple has also provided police with audio and video recordings connected to the phone.

Last fall, Lisi was arrested on extortion charges related to his alleged efforts to prevent Ford’s crack video from being sold to reporters. In October, under court order, Crown prosecutors released a massive police document that detailed secret meetings between Ford and Lisi, during which the two men appeared to drink together and exchange packages with unknown contents. Lisi and Ford were most recently spotted in each other’s company last month.

No details about the contents of Lisi’s iPhone have yet been made public, but we may know more soon. The Star and other media outlets are seeking access to a new batch of police documents, including the ones that led to Apple’s involvement in the Ford investigation. And so there’s a very good possibility that yet another stack of heavily redacted Ford information could be coming our way in a few months’ time, conveniently just as the mayoral campaign is starting to heat up.


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