Rob Ford endorsed by the blog that organized “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” contest

Targeting voters in the middle of the political spectrum might be the key to winning this year’s mayoral race. With five front runners, it’s nearly impossible for any of them to win a majority of votes, so even the leading candidate might want to try reaching across the aisle if he or she wants to garner more than 30 per cent.

Well that, or your supporters could just walk around calling David Miller and his allies on council “communists.” See video, left.

It’s important to note that Rob Ford‘s team isn’t attached with this, and candidates can’t reasonably be held responsible for the view of their more zealous supporters. In this case, the supporters are the folks behind Blazing Cat Fur, the blog that infamously ran a contest called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” The blog basically comes off like a Glenn Beck rant without the sophistication of a chalkboard. Perusing Cat Fur’s offerings, we discovered the following items:

• The United States of America needs to be kept from becoming the United States of Arabia. • Canada shouldn’t send flood aid to Pakistan. • World War III started and nobody told us. But wait, this guy says it’s World War IV.  Now we’re confused.Bite me.”

Now, there is one interesting post at the top of the blog, notable because the author presents some evidence. Pointing to a comment left at Torontoist, it seems that someone on the Toronto Star‘s corporate network changed Rob Ford’s Wikipedia page, and not in a nice way: they added a since-shuttered satire blog as an “external link” and called it Ford’s “personal blog.” Just to be sure, they went back and corrected the capitalization 30 minutes later. We double-checked with, and the IP address does indeed point to the Star.

According to Jackson Proskow, the Star is denying that the changes were made from a computer at the paper and are instead pointing to its parent company, which owns tons of other publications, including Sing Tao and Eye Weekly. Given that the Wikipedia changes were made between 8 and 9 p.m. on a Friday night, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing more sinister happening here than boredom at work. Still, the Star might want to encourage its staffers to play solitaire if they’re bored instead.


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