Rob Ford Crack-o-Meter: an arrest, a rap song and what Rob Ford knew about the crack video

Rob Ford Crack-o-Meter: an arrest, a rap song and what Rob Ford knew about the crack video

Rob Ford has skated through some humiliating situations and emerged relatively unscathed. The crack-smoking scandal, though, has ratcheted the ridiculousity to new highs. Every day brings more bad news. So far, Ford has kept his cool (more or less), but we have to wonder if—or when—he’s going to crack. Here, our daily assessment of what’s going on with our infamous mayor.

 The Toronto Star says Ford was aware of the crack video from the start (Pressure: )
The paper reports that Ford knew a video existed of him smoking crack, even as he was publicly saying otherwise. On May 17, the mayor allegedly told several members of his inner circle “not to worry” because he had the addresses of two apartments where it could be found.

• The mayor’s office is accused of destroying email and phone records ()
Next up on the Star’s list of charges: that someone ordered the destruction of the records of three senior staffers who left in the past week. A city official quickly responded they have not received any such requests from the mayor’s office (but added there’s no restriction on wiping “personal” or “political” emails not directly related to city business).

• Police made a second arrest in the Anthony Smith murder ()
A 23-year-old man from Toronto has been arrested in Alberta in connection with the March 28 murder of Anthony Smith, the drug dealer cozying up to Ford in this photo. Tipsters say he was killed for the video. The Globe and Mail also slyly mentioned that police have warrants to search the accused’s cellphone and homes.

• Ford manages to look cool—twice! (↓)
Ford showed a glimmer of humour at a presser about the flooding of the Don Valley Parkway, and he looks pretty badass on the cover of MacLean’s this week (though the story chronicles his “slow-motion implosion”).

•  A rap song about Crackgate is going viral (↑)
An unflattering (but very catchy!) song about the scandal by Canadian rapper Charron has racked up more than 45,000 views on YouTube. Sample lyric: “You brought Toronto shame like the last Boston game, so impaired you’re not even aware, put the crack down and take a crack at being the mayor.”

Crack Threat Level: HIGH (no pun intended)

(Images: Rob Ford, Christopher Drost; meter, Scott Akermann)