Rob Ford Crack-o-Meter: Mark Towhey’s leaked email and pictures of fish

Rob Ford Crack-o-Meter: Mark Towhey’s leaked email and pictures of fish

Rob Ford has skated through some humiliating situations and emerged relatively unscathed. The crack-smoking scandal, though, has ratcheted the ridiculousity to new highs. Every day brings more bad news. So far, Ford has kept his cool (more or less), but we have to wonder if—or when—he’s going to crack. Here, our daily assessment of what’s going on with our infamous mayor.

• 55 per cent of Toronto believes the Rob Ford crack video is real (Pressure: )
But the same poll also suggests only 51 percent believe Ford smokes crack cocaine. Go figure.

• The editor of the Toronto Star is confident the video will come out ()
Michael Cooke says the Star is still working on getting the clip, which “is slowly making its way to daylight” despite its owners’ worries about deportation or criminal charges.

• A leaked email provides insight into Mark Towhey’s technique for managing Ford ()
The last direct order the former chief of staff sent to the mayor’s staff before being fired: “Do not answer calls from the mayor tonight.”

• The story is showing early signs of blowing over (↓)
CTV wonders how much longer interest in the scandal can last without any new developments, while the CBC says the discussion is shifting from Ford toward news outlets’ actions. Bored reporters camped out at Ford’s office are now tweeting photos of other reporters and the fish tank.

• Jim Flaherty’s still Ford’s friend (↓)
Canada’s Finance Minister and old family friend says he remains “very close to the family” and had personal discussions with the mayor in the last two weeks.

Crack Threat Level: LOW

(Images: Rob Ford, Christopher Drost; meter, Scott Akermann)