Rob Ford calls out Adam Vaughan: “Be a man” and join the mayoral race

Rob Ford calls out Adam Vaughan: “Be a man” and join the mayoral race

Councillors Rob Ford and Adam Vaughan (Image:

Speaking with John Oakley today on AM640, mayoral race front-runner Rob Ford made a wish: for Adam Vaughan to join the mayor’s race. So says the Sun:

“I want Adam Vaughan. That’s the one I want,” Ford said. “He spends all his time criticizing me, so put your money where your mouth is. I want Adam Vaughan in the race.”…

Ford said he will “chew him (Vaughan) up and spit him out” in a one-on-one mayoral debate.

“I am sick and tired of him heckling me when I get up to speak at council,” he said.

Of course, there’s another reason Ford might want Vaughan in the running: a more divided left would make it easier for Ford to eke out a win.

And wait—did Ford just challenge Vaughan to a one-on-one mayoral debate? That’s not just a creation of the Sun‘s writer? If so, maybe Ford owes George Smitherman an apology. Can it be long before we see a Ford-sponsored chicken suit make an appearance around Vaughan?

The former CityTV reporter—and the man who called Ford Toronto’s version of Sarah Palin—responded to the Sun‘s inquiries with a promising “no comment,” so here’s hoping we get one last entry in the mayor’s race. Or will Vaughan string us along like a lefty John Tory?

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