Revealed! Easy ways to get Jian Ghomeshi’s abs

Revealed! Easy ways to get Jian Ghomeshi’s abs

Not just a bod for radio (Image: Brenda Lee)

Everyone knows that if you want to work in radio, you have to have a really great body. For all of you would-be hosts puzzling over how to get the sculpted physique that matches the dulcimer tones of the CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi, puzzle no longer. The 43-year-old host of the daily arts show Q on CBC Radio was kind enough to let the Globe and Mail join him at one of his personal training sessions at Toronto’s Good Life Fitness. The four-photo spread features Ghomeshi medicine-balling his way to a more energetic on-air personality. Accompanying the photos is an article detailing the former Moxy Fruvous rocker’s health habits.

Why, you ask, would either the Globe or Ghomeshi agree to such a bizarre story idea? We’re not sure, but we’re also not complaining. There’s something wonderfully awkward about this whole piece that makes it almost endearing. But still weird. Also of note is Ghomeshi’s super-intense personal trainer John Barlis, who has somehow managed to work his way into the blurry background of every shot.

The question now is, what’s next? Yoga in the park with Shelagh Rogers? Jazzercise with Rich Terfry? We’ve got our fingers crossed for a stay-at-home workout with Stuart McLean: “Dave didn’t want to go to the gym…”

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