Reaction Roundup: the 18 essential quotes about Rob Ford’s L.A. trip and Jimmy Kimmel appearance


“I don’t think I’ve had this many questions since the series finale of Lost.Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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“It was fine. Jimmy’s a comedian and he was just doing his job.” Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto

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“[We] are promoting Toronto like no one’s promoted Toronto before...The media should ink a deal for a reality show, because they’re so unique, and it could be called The A–holes.”

Doug Ford, city councillor and mayor Rob Ford’s campaign manager

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“[Rob Ford has] a celebrity-ness that has transcended his office, but I wish he didn’t play to it as much as he does.” Norm Kelly, city councillor and deputy mayor

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“I think Torontonians are feeling a bit mocked. We feel like they’re mocking the mayor, and then the reflection in turn is they’re mocking the city of Toronto. I don’t think people feel great about it.” Jaye Robinson, city councillor

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“[Promoting Toronto] is not why he was asked onto the show. It was to focus in and highlight many of the mayor’s problems, faults.” Denzil Minnan-Wong, city councillor and possible mayoral candidate

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“If he was truly on a trip to bring films to the city of Toronto, there are staff and professionals that would accompany him to make him successful. But just stumbling around L.A. with your family and your staff is not a plan to bring films to Toronto.” Paula Fletcher, city councillor and member of the city’s film board

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“For them to make a mockery of him only means they are making a mockery of the city of Toronto and I don’t like it...Once the host is through with him, he’ll probably wish he’d never gone down.” Giorgio Mammoliti, city councillor

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“I love my city. Today, it’s shamefully being represented on the world stage by a dancing circus bear. My apologies to dancing circus bears.” Josh Matlow, city councillor

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“Why is anyone surprised that Hollywood is embracing an out of control addict? He won’t be the only one there.” Robert Turner, host of Early Edition on Newstalk 1010

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“I’m not sure it’ll hurt Ford any. If he has just gone full buffoon, consciously or otherwise, that’s just going to reinforce what everyone who hates him already thinks and isn’t going to do much to alienate those who have thus far proven immune to alienation.” Matt Gurney, National Post

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“The Fords at present are flailing wildly, but they’re not close to out of control: there’s a hefty dose of delusion, yes, but also a measure of deliberate strategy. Not a good strategy, mind you.” Jonathan Goldsbie, NOW magazine


“It would certainly be fascinating to go back in time and ask people to draw up their worst-case scenarios for a Ford mayoralty — and then, knowing what you know, submitting reality as your own. I don’t think many people would take you seriously.” Chris Selley, National Post

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“As Rob Ford wraps up his trip to LA, the Deputy Mayor is holding a vigil & news conference on #Toronto’s concern for Ukraine.” Katie Simpson, CP24

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“It was a nightmare montage, as if the Academy Awards had created a special ‘Tribute to Humiliation.’ The entire Kimmel publicity stunt had always felt uncomfortably like an exercise in middle-school cruelty—the spazzy kid invited to hang with the cool clique for the day, either oblivious to the fact that he’s being made fun of or else just too flattered by the attention to care.” Nicholas Hune-Brown, who was in Jimmy Kimmel’s audience last night, reporting for The Grid

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“Kimmel did a masterful job of pulling all the sagas together but it didn’t come across nearly as damning as the guy at the centre of it thought it did...It was a tough grilling. But it wasn’t a complete knockout. The mayor held his own.” Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun columnist

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"‘This is your Life’ as anxiety nightmare. #robford” Jonathan Goldstein, host of Wiretap on CBC Radio

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“Beneath the veneer of humour #Kimmel is pulling no punches. One gets the distinct sense #RobFord will regret chasing this celebrity turn.” Jian Ghomeshi, host of Q on CBC Radio

All images from Twitter, except Doug Ford: city of Toronto; Mammoliti:; Turner: Newstalk1010; Selley: National Post


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